Replanting the Seedlings - Cayenne Chillies and Strawberries

Replanting chillies into individual pots

My replanting continues in this post where I finally repot the Cayenne Chillies and the tiny strawberry plants out of the seed trays and into their own pots.

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Replanting the Seedlings - Birdseye Chillies

Replanting chillies into individual pots

Today I’m repotting the Bird’s Eye Chilli seedlings into their own pots and giving everything a good feed.

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Replanting the Seedlings - Tomatoes

Replanting tomato seedlings into individual pots

In my last post I planted some seeds and today I’m repotting the tomato seedlings into individual pots.

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Planting Tomato, Strawberry and Chilli Seeds

Chilli seedlings

Melbourne is still in lockdown and doesn’t look like it will lift any time soon so instead of planting seedlings this year I’ll try again with growing from seed! Here I’m planting Roma and Siberian tomatoes alongside Cayenne and Birdseye chillies with some Temptation strawberries as a real experiment.

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Jenkins Updates for the Server-App

In this post I finally revisit my server app and update Jenkins to the latest version and some other maintenance and improvement tasks.

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Changing the domain and Jenkins reconfiguration

I changed the domain used for my server and reconfigured Apache2 to have a homepage to link to all the services now running on it - phpmyadmin, jenkins, the node-app and now the homepage.

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Server App Updates

In this post I return to my server app to make some much-needed maintenance updates and prepare it for changes I’ll be making to the budget API.

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3D Printed Citadel Paints Holders

3D Printed Citadel Paints Holder

This is a quick post about an Overly complicated folding Citadel paint rack I found and printed from Thingiverse to store the paints I use to paint my miniatures.

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Hot Water Bottle Covers

Hot water bottle covers

I made some hot water bottle covers from polar fleece to replace the stupidly designed ones we had previously.

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Converting the Budget App to use EJS Templates

Last time I visited the budget app I used Ajax and JQuery to communicate back to the server but I’ve since decided to go with more modern tools and frameworks installed using node.js. Here I’ll be converting the app to use EJS templating.

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