I'm building a raised garden bed that is self-watering with a wicking bed design, elevated and portable with a greenhouse cover to plant some set-and-forget herbs to be used hopefully all year round.


Here are the posts I have made so far about the Vegepod:

Another Vegepod Update

December 23, 2018

I thought I’d post an update after nearly a year with the vegepod; it’s still exploding but I’ve had to learn to space everything out a little more.

Vegepod Update

February 11, 2018

An update after 3 weeks of growth in my vegepod!

Potting up the Vegepod

January 21, 2018

After completing the build of the Vegepod yesterday I’m ready to pot it up with some plants!

Building the Vegepod

January 20, 2018

Today I wanted to post about my Christmas present - my new Vegepod!

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