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3 weeks of growth!

An update after 3 weeks of growth in my vegepod!

Well my vegepod has gone absolutely NUTS, I actually can’t even come close to keeping up with the amount of lettuce I’m producing, so I’ve actually taken out some of the lettuce and replaced it with spinach which I use every day, maybe I’ll be able to keep up now!

Here is a picture I took after just one and a half weeks, it had already started to explode.

1 and a half weeks of growth

Moving onto three weeks of growth there are a few things I’d like to note with the pod - the herbs have now grown so big that they poke out of the sides of the pod under the mesh, this might be an issue with introducing bugs which can just crawl up the bits poking out which I might have to keep an eye on.

3 weeks of growth - side view

Also the basil - this huge basil plant went really well until I noticed the underside of all the leaves were covered with downy mildew :( This is a disease which is exacerbated by warm, moisture-rich environments like that which is created by the pod. So I covered it with a plastic bag and ripped out the whole plant. It is recommended that you don’t replant in the same position (so as to limit cross-contamination) but I don’t have anywhere else! So against all recommendation I’ve planted some more basil because I love it and the damn possums can’t get it in my pod and just hoping for the best while I watch it like a hawk.

A comparison between my pod and the normal net shelter - there is no comparison, the pod is absolutely loving life whereas life in the pot is looking a little sad. Lettuce is generally not great for pots however so that could have been a factor, but they both were watered equally with approximately the same amount of sun.

3 weeks of growth!

I absolutely love this pod, initially I wanted to get the Vegepod to eventually convert it into a Farmbot, but judging by how easy it has been so far to grow incredibly healthy and abundant plants I might not even need to go that far!

I highly recommend the Vegepod to anybody who wants to grow their own veggies - especially in places like rentals or somewhere you might need to re/move it down the line, after the setup there’s minimal work to do for such fantastically healthy plants, even now in the middle of summer. Definitely worth the investment!

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