Replanting the Seedlings - Cayenne Chillies and Strawberries

Replanting chillies into individual pots

My replanting continues in this post where I finally repot the Cayenne Chillies and the tiny strawberry plants out of the seed trays and into their own pots.

First things first, here is a quick snap of all my plants I planted this year so far - this is on 8/10/21 so 2 months after planting the seeds, the Bird’s Eye Chillies:

Bird's Eye Chillies

Tomatoes and more bird’s eye chillies:

Tomatoes and more chillies

More tomatoes:


More tomatoes with the cayenne peppers in the middle, strawberries in the front and chives to the left.

Tomatoes, Cayenne Chillies, Strawberries and Chives

First things first; these tomatoes are getting a bit big for the stand and I’m running out of room - time for them to graduate to outside. I also staked them up using some new tomato clips and some skewers so the main stem would grow more straight.

Staked tomatoes

I cleared some room on the garden net I built so they’d be protected from the things that want to eat everything!

The weather is a lot better now but still I did a 2 day test to see if they had any reaction to the change in temperature before bringing the rest of them out.

Tomatoes in place outside

I potted these up the same way as the bird’s eye chillies by first separating out the pots. These easily separated by hand this time so they were already beginning to break down!

Separating the pots

I used the same amount of fertiliser as for the bird’s eye chillies.

Seed selection

I also potted up the strawberries - I’m still not convinced these will be successful but may as well give it a go anyway! I planted them in a long planter box instead of separately.

Strawberries laid out in the planter box

So after all this potting my shelf is looking mighty crowded.

Bird's eye chillies on the top shelf

I still waited a couple of days to find the tomato experiment had been a success! So I moved the rest of the tomatoes out on 12/10/21 to give the plants inside a fighting chance.

All the tomatoes moved outside

A better view of the garden net all set up - the round pots are ready for the best of the chillies when they’re ready.

A better display of the garden net

Now the inside shelf is looking a whole lot better, everything is able to get a lot more sun.

Seed selection

And just some more closeups to compare to later - these are all bird’s eye chillies.

Seed selection

More bird’s eye chillies.

Seed selection

The new cayenne chillies.

Seed selection

Cayenne chillies and the strawberries.

Seed selection

See you in the next update!

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