Replanting the Seedlings - Birdseye Chillies

Replanting chillies into individual pots

Today I’m repotting the Bird’s Eye Chilli seedlings into their own pots and giving everything a good feed.

I’ve already replanted the tomatoes but this week my Bunnings order arrived and I have some additional fertiliser to use when I repot the chillies.

Here are a few pictures of the plants on each level of my shelving on 26/09/21 so roughly 6 weeks after planting, starting with the bird’s eye chillies above - it shows the big growth that’s happened with the tomatoes (along with some new purchases I forgot to get out of the way!) and not much change in the other plants just yet.

Not much change on the strawberries and chillies front - but I’ll replant some of them anyway.

Seedlings on the first middle shelf

One of these tomatoes is really struggling, not entirely sure why yet but hopefully will continue to grow and is just a late starter.

Seedlings on the second middle shelf

Interestingly, I think the bottom shelf gets more sun than the second-to-bottom so these plants are slightly bigger.

Seedlings on the bottom shelf

Right, now to the good stuff - I’ve bought some fertilliser since planting the tomatoes so I’ll be using some of this in the replanting process (I’ll just have to add some when I repot the tomatoes again).

My outside assembly line

In each pot I put approximately:

  • Blood & Bone 10g
  • Phosphorus 2g
  • Tomato & Vegetable feed 10-15g This is all slow release fertiliser which will just improve the soil on top of the potting mix (hopefully not entering fertiliser burn territory!) I’d just pile it into the pot with some potting mix and mix it all in, then put in the peat pot like I did for the tomatoes and refill.

Fertiliser dumped into the pots

Now for the lovely progress pictures - these are Bird’s Eye Chillies:

Replanted top level (Birds's Eye Chillies)

Bird’s eye chillies and tomatoes:

Replanted next level (Bird's Eye Chillies & Tomatoes)


Replanted next level (Tomatoes)

Tomatoes, Cayenne chillies, strawberries (and some new chives):

Replanted next level (Tomatoes, Cayenne Chillies, Strawberries)

I’m now crowding my shelves a bit much but the chillies have now taken prime position at the top and I reshuffled the tomatoes. I’m still waiting for the weather to get slightly better before I try moving my delicate plants outside.

Full shelving unit now

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