Building My Shed

Finished shed

I needed somewhere to put all my gardening supplies now that the backyard is getting a little more use so I decided to build a shed at the side of the house.

Here is the site of the shed; the house next to us is built right up to the side of the house with a very ugly fence and multiple windows showing straight into our house so I was definitely OK with taking up some of this with the shed.

Site of the shed

Site of the shed

I had to special order this shed from bunnings as I needed the door to be on the short side instead of the long side but when it finally arrived I got started.

Opening the box

I had to make sure I had all my measurements correct and the shed would fit down the side - success!

Sizing Up

The shed was incredibly unstable with just the walls attached so I had to put the roof on fairly quickly - so I basically went from no shed to a completed shed.

Walls up

Et voila! A completed shed.

Finished shed

Finished shed

Here’s a view from inside - it blocks part of our window but as you can see - the window from next door looks straight in so this window isn’t ever opened like this.

View from inside

I went and got a set of shelves from Bunnings too so everything would be off the floor. There’s actually a drain in the shed so there would still be water running through the bottom of it and I didn’t want the potting mix or something to be drenched by this.

Full shed

All done!

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