Replanting the Seedlings - Tomatoes

Replanting tomato seedlings into individual pots

In my last post I planted some seeds and today I’m repotting the tomato seedlings into individual pots.

This is how big the seedlings got after 4 weeks of growth on 12/09/21 - the tomatoes are the large ones in the foreground, followed by the small strawberries in the same container, and all the chillies in the back container.

I could have (or probably should have) replanted them sooner and started fertilising them as soon as the first 2 baby leaves were established but I wanted to see if they’d continue growth from this stage, which the tomatoes have continued a little bit but so far the chillies have not.

First I separated out the individual pots to be replanted.

Separating out the individual pots

Then I half filled each pot with Osmocote’s Tomato and Vegetable Potting mix and put the whole peat pot into the black pot as the peat pot can just break down in the soil.

Placing the old pot in the new pot

Then it’s just a matter of filling up the rest of the pot, for tomatoes it’s OK to bury some of the stem (up until the first leaves is actually OK) as it will just sprout more roots from the stem so I tried to bury the stem further down than it was in the peat pot.

Potting up the rest

I brought this old greenhouse shelving unit inside because I’m still concerned it’s too cold outside for my previous new babies, so I put the pots in some trays so I wouldn’t make a mess - here’s a nice picture of how I lined up all these seedlings on the stand to try to maximise their sunlight.

Inside shelving for the plants

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