Another Vegepod Update

The pod!

I thought I’d post an update after nearly a year with the vegepod; it’s still exploding but I’ve had to learn to space everything out a little more.

The pod!

I did have to replant some of the plants and I ended up taking out the Marigolds. These are companion plants which help to keep bugs away from the main plants but in the vegepod these weren’t needed. They also took over the whole pod and were blocking the sun for some of the shorter plants.

Overall the pod was amazing over winter - the netting gave some protection from the frosts and definitely from all the bugs so I could still enjoy fresh, home-grown herbs through a Melbourne winter!

Sneaky strawberry!

The best surprise was when spring came around I actually had a big red strawberry! Plenty more where this came from I hope.

Beautiful strawberry

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