Zombicide: Prep and Priming the Minis

Primed Models

After gathering all of my supplies, it was time to actually begin!

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Zombicide: Miniature Painting Supplies

Zombicide Board Game

One of my all-time favourite board games would have to be Zombicide by Guillotine Games. In this post-apocalyptic board game you and your group of survivors must fight off the hoards of zombies to reach your mission objective despite the increasing number of undead shuffling or hurtling their way to you.

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Building an Orrery: Planets!

Finished Orrery

Now with the gear set assembled and turning nicely (I could hand-crank it by turning the central shaft from below the base), it’s time to add the main attraction of the planets.

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Building an Orrery: Gear Construction

Base and All of the Gears

Construction of the gears of the orrery required more than a little patience working with the printed parts and bearings.

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Building an Orrery: Bending the Rods

Cut Rods

While the parts were printing I got to work figuring out how to best bend the copper rods that attach the planets to the gears. Ytec 3D provides a printable guide to make sure each part was the right length and shape.

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Building an Orrery: Printing the Parts

Almost finished Orrery

An Orrery is a mechanical model of the Solar System where the planets orbit around the Sun with a combination of gears allowing for relative motion between the sun and planets. I found a great tutorial on a 3D printed version that I could make as a present for my Dad.

The build guide comes from Ytec3d’s guide which links to the instructible he wrote, be sure to check it out and support this amazing maker.

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Building a Pick-and-Place Robot using MyRIO and LabView

Completed shitty robot

I made a pick-and-place robot as a project at university which was programmed using the LabView program running on a myRIO controller.

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Programming an ABB Robot Arm

Full setup

Here is a quick post on one of my projects I’m working on at uni programming an ABB branded robot arm using the Flexpendant controller.

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Printing Adalinda the Dragon

Adalinda dragon print

I finished building my printer and decided to print Adalinda the dragon, here are the results!

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Building an Original i3 MK2 Kit 3D Printer - Finishing!

Original Prusal i3 MK2 Complete

Yesterday I finished the frame for the Prusa so today it was time to add the electronics and eventually try to print!

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