Eivor Cosplay: Boot Covers

Eivor Cosplay

I’m continuing my Eivor Cosplay project from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by making the boot/boot covers from faux fur and faux leather.

This one will be much more straight-forward than the hidden blade and bracers with much fewer parts. Here is a screenshot from the game:

Screenshot of Eivor's boots from Assassin's Creed Valhalla

I chose to just buy some boots as this is my first cosplay and I could cover the details with other made parts (as zips aren’t exactly period-correct!)

The boots I bought for the cosplay

Then I cut out a piece of faux fur big enough to wrap around each boot.

Base fur of the boot covers

I finished the edges of the fur by folding the edge over and hand sewing it. I only did this on the edges that would be exposed on the final cosplay (i.e. not the inside edge or the one tucking into the boot).

Backside of the fur with hand sewing

I cut a thin piece of grey fur for the boot topper too…

Grey fur for the boot topper

…and finished it in the same way by folding down the edge and hand stitching to make a nicer edge.

Reverse side of the boot topper with hand sewing

I cut some pieces of faux leather cord to wrap around the fur. Here are all the pieces for Eivor’s boots.

All the pieces of the boot covers

So to assemble the boot, first I put on the boots and wrapped the brown fur around my ankle and the grey fur around the top, tucked into the top of the boot.

Base of the fur on top of the boots

Then I wrapped the cord around the boots a few times so it looks like the first screenshot. The zip is still a bit visible, I may wrap the cord around at that angle next time to further cover it, or just not worry about people looking at my feet…

The finished boot cover

Here is the other side of the boot, it’s surprisingly difficult to take good pictures from this angle of your own leg!

Other side of the finished boot cover

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