Preparation to Paint the Horizon Zero Dawn and Dark Souls Board Games

Horizon Zero Dawn figures ready to prime

I kickstarted the Dark Souls Board Game and decided the minis would look much better painted.

Making a Stand for Spray Painting

Before I could get started, I’d used my previous mini painting stand for another project and so first up I had to make some more! I got out my saw and workbench and cut some spare wood down to size.

Wood cutting setup

I found it difficult last time to get some parts of the minis sprayed with the large wooden piece so I went with mainly smaller pieces but I still kept one piece big just in case I needed more stands.

Freshly cut wood pieces

I then ruled the lines and drilled holes at even intervals so they can be used either for a single mini, or to support some of the larger “miniatures”.

Wood pieces with drilled holes

Priming the Minis

Now back to the painting - all the minis had to be washed in warm soapy water and dried off before priming.

Freshly washed Horizon Zero Dawn pieces

Priming Dark Souls

While I was priming the Horizon Zero Dawn miniatures I also decided to prep the next expansion pack for the Dark Souls Board Game too - so here are the nicely washed Darkroot Basin miniatures as well as the Gaping Dragon.

Freshly washed Dark Souls Darkroot Basin pieces

Here’s a good example of using multiple screws to support some of the larger “miniatures”.

Bosses ready to prime

I ran out of room on the prepped wood pieces so I cracked out some of the old egg cartons to hold some of the pieces too.

Priming the gaping dragon pieces

I primed these miniatures with the spray version of Citadel Chaos Black but the Plastidip I used to prime the Skyrim Daggers is rubber based and can be seen peeling off the cardboard in my “spray booth”.

Priming the gaping dragon pieces

Priming Horizon Zero Dawn Minis

Now back to the Horizon Zero Dawn priming - I decided to use Citadel’s Grey Seer primer spray for these ones are they are mostly light-coloured and I wanted to mix it up.

Horizon Zero Dawn pieces ready to prime

And just because I could - here’s a close up of how detailed these figures are, and the size comparison between the smaller miniatures and the monsters. Next step is to let these dry and actually start painting!

Closeup for some Horizon pieces

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