Building GLaDOS - My New PC


I build my first PC from scratch, a small post to document the process.

All of the components had arrived! I had accidentally bought the larger of the two options for the case but at least everything would fit!

All the components

This is the motherboard, I made sure to only seat it on the motherboard box instead of on top of the anti-static bag which can damage it. I installed the RAM first.

The motherboard

I was amazed at how much room I had in this case - of course, I’d accidentally bought the larger of the two thermaltake ones with this design so GLaDOS will have to sit on the floor instead of the desk. But the perks are it will be more than enough room - and hard drive bays!

The empty case

Sorry for the blurry photos, I was clearly too excited but here is the motherboard and the hard drives mounted in the case.

Added the motherboard

Next I mounted the fans on the radiator.

Mounting the fans on the radiator

And installed it in the roof of the case - I had to take the top cover off to do this part. I also installed the PSU in the bottom.

Radiator mounted

Here you can better see the water cooler mounted to the CPU and the radiator at the top of the case.

PSU installed

This is the part I am most excited about - the graphics card! I got a GTX 970, I may have bought this particular one as it matched the blue theme I was going for…

Graphics card! GTX 970

Here it is all installed with the cables managed through the back of the case - can’t have those messing up my aethetics!

Graphics card installed

Done! Everything is mounted and it all turns on nicely.


She’s alive! GLaDOS is the name of the villain from my favourite PC game series - Portal. So this is GLaDOS, in all her blue-LED glory!


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