Building an Original i3 MK2 Kit 3D Printer - The Frame

Frame complete

I was actually on holiday in New Zealand when I researched and ordered my 3D printer. I had saved hard for the holiday and towards the end I realised I had more than enough left over to finally buy a printer!

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Magbot Chassis build


I received the chassis for the MagBot and put it together.

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Magbot Introduction


I was given a great MagBook by Jonathan Parkyn called How to Build a Robot which although is a UK magazine, it’s still a great resource to get started in robotics and I thought I’d give it a try as I haven’t played with motors before.

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Rediscovering the Blog

After setting up this blog and finally getting up to producing some content for it - I may have got super busy and abandoned the project for a while, however now I have decided to keep it up as I have a few projects in mind that I would like to log and here we are!

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Playing with Arduino LEDs

I have previously played with Arduino projects, today I decided to play around with some LEDs and re-familiarise myself with the platform.

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Installing and Learning Jekyll and GitHub Pages

I have been talking about making a blog for all of my hobbies and projects for a very long time and here we are; I finally made the Thing!

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Building GLaDOS - My New PC


I build my first PC from scratch, a small post to document the process.

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Building Laser Skirmish Laser Tag Guns

A laser tag gun

I attended a workshop through university to help the Laser Skirmish guys solder up their new laser tag guns.

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Soldering the Electronics and Finishing the LED Cube

Finished Cube

After successfully programming the chip and testing the cube connected using a breadboard, I connected the electronics using Perfboard to make for a better display.

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Testing the LED Cube

Breadboard Setup

The remainder of the parts only took a few days to arrive so I could get started on the main electronics involved in the build. I chose to test the circuit on a breadboard before soldering the more permanent solution onto Veroboard.

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