Choosing Paints for the Dark Souls Board Game

The Dark Souls Board Game

I kickstarted the Dark Souls Board Game and decided the minis would look better painted.

The day finally came last Tuesday the 22nd of August; the Dark Souls Board Game by Steamforged Games arrived at my door!

I realised when the game arrived that I hadn’t even gotten close to finishing my zombicide figures as this particular hobby had fallen by the wayside but I am confident the practise I had with these figures will be invaluable now that I’ll be painting the main event.

The Dark Souls Board Game (DSBG) is coming in two waves - the first wave contains only the base game whereas the wave two shipment will contain all of the stretch goals and add-ons. This was great news as I could really focus my efforts on painting the first set of figures without being overwhelmed like I have been with Zombicide.

Over the past few months I’ve kept an eye on my Local Game Stores (LGS) for deals and sales they have had on paints. After using the Army Painter paint sets for Zombicide I decided for Dark Souls I was going to use the Citadel paint range for these minis. I did enjoy using Army Painter however their line isn’t available at my favourite LGS and they are more celebrated for their range for use on planes, ships and the like. Citadel are considered a ‘premium’ brand and are recommended to experts and beginners alike for their fantastic quality. I also joined a Facebook group for the other DSBG backers and many others have used Citadel paints on their models and shared their colour choices which also made paint selection much easier.

First run of paints

In the end I ended up with quite the Citadel Paint collection; I certainly think that you can definitely paint these models with less standard paint colours and instead try mixing your own colours. I didn’t go for that option simply because there’s such a number of models to paint and I wanted to try experimenting… also I may have got carried away in the sales!

More paints!

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