Zombicide: First Paints

First group finished

With my freshly primed minis all safely packed away in the Zombicide box… I forgot about it for a few months. I got distracted with other projects but I’m finally back on board and ready to put some real paint on these babies!

There are 8 different types of each zombie (not counting survivors and the abomination) and 8 copies of each model. There are a number of different ways I could have gone about painting all of these. Obviously I could paint each one individually from start to finish before turning to the next but I thought this was very inefficient and might end up with a lot of the same looking zombies. So I decided I was going to paint them all in small groups to allow for some variation but still break up the monotony that would creep up painting 64 sets of shoes/tops/bottoms in a row. I decided to group them by mould type so I could show some variation so though the base mould was the same for these zombies, they would all look sufficiently different.

First finished mini

The first zombie was this dude in a suit. I did end up painting him from start to finish first just to make sure if I was going to make any newbie mistakes at the very start - it wouldn’t be repeated in 8 models. I think he turned out fairly well, though there are two ‘blood’ colours: Crusted Sore which is a dull red and Glistening Blood which is bright blood and I may have used too much of the duller colour - but maybe he hasn’t eaten in a while!

After my first dude was done I started to be a little more productive. I must admit I did go out and buy green and purple paint - Caliban Green- from Citadel’s _base colour range and P3’s Beaten Purple. I wanted each of the 8 models in each mould to have a different ‘main colour’ each, so there’ll be a purple and a green zombie in each set. I painted the remaining 7 models at the same time so all the white shirts and black shoes/belts/pants were done together so the paint didn’t dry out.

Here’s a picture of all the base colours on each model, along with my finished zombie.

First group finished

With each base colour done, I started with the wash. A wash is a very thin, watery paint that you apply liberally to the whole model; it runs into the creases and crevaces to emphasise the features of the model (clothes, face, etc.) The Army Painter Zombicide Paint Set comes with a few washes: Zombie Shader and Dirt Spatter which I used in different amounts on each zombie depending how ‘dirty’ I wanted them to look. For some I covered with the wash, dried the brush off, then used the brush again to soak up some of the ink leaving only bits in the creases whereas others I went nuts to make a very dirty zombie.

First group finished

Many people also recommend drybrushing after the wash to emphasise the parts that stick out from the model at this point, but I didn’t try that on these first zombies, some paint colours I used were mixes and I was worried about not matching them properly.

Now for the really fun and more forgiving part; bloooood! I wasn’t as careful on some of the belts and got some extra paint especially on the hands of my zombies so there were already places I wanted to drench in blood. As I said there are two different coloured bloods, one for a more old-blood look and one for very fresh. I tried to think about what these zombies might have done or how they would get blood on various places and just mixed it up, I think they turned out great!

When I was happy with the final colours, I busted out the cardboard painting shelter again and repeated the same procedure as I did for priming the models, but using the matte finishing spray instead to seal the paint and protect my hard work.

First group finished

All in all I think my first run of zombies turned out pretty well… I only have to do it another 7 times for this set… then the survivors… and the other expansions… I think there’ll be a fair few more posts on painting!

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